88x31 Collection

This website is a collection with over 6500 GIF's and PNG's in 88x31 format. In the late 1990 and begin of the 2000's it was very common to use these pictures on your personal website. Many were included in the website creation software or the service your website was hosted on like GeoCities. It's advised to first download the pictures to be sure you won't lose the pictures and create a dead link. There is some debate on why this particular size was chosen. You can also make your own picture collection and check for duplicates.

000010.gif  height= 007button.gif  height= 09.gif  height= 1000wstbutton2.gif  height= 1001ffbutton.gif  height= 1001freenewfontsbutton.gif  height= 100best_88x31.gif  height= 100hot (3).gif  height= 100hot.gif  height= 100hot2.gif  height= 101-dogs.gif  height= 102_1.gif  height= 104.gif  height= 1080p.gif  height= 117.png  height= 119.gif  height= 12.gif  height= 1220499.gif  height= 123clipartbtn.gif  height= 128.gif  height= 149.png  height= 153.png  height= 154.png  height= 16504532.png  height= 168.gif  height= 17.gif  height= 18.gif  height= 18.png  height= 19.gif  height= 1979.png  height= 1999x.gif  height= 1blades.gif  height= 1dirlogo.gif  height= 1en8ioQ.gif  height= 1kb.gif  height= 1of2.gif  height= 2 (copy 1).gif  height= 2001.gif  height= 2014-rave.gif  height= 2019.gif  height= 21studios.gif  height= 22-88x31.gif  height= 22yk01.png  height= 23_3.gif  height= 24bds.gif  height= 24fun.gif  height= 24hc.gif  height= 263gggk.gif  height= 28 (copy 1).gif  height= 2bit-neocities.png  height= 2bit.png  height= 2cool4fp.gif  height= 2hu.gif  height= 300free.gif  height= 311now.gif  height= 321.gif  height= 321free.gif  height= 321webmaster.gif  height= 38caution.gif  height= 3a2.gif  height= 3dfx_banner.gif  height= 3dkingdom.gif  height= 3dot5mmfc-button.gif  height= 3drlink.gif  height= 3dxbutton.gif  height= 3e3e3e3.jpg  height= 3fetid.png  height= 44.gif  height= 44nifty.gif  height= 477351.gif  height= 49.gif  height= 4ivilo.gif  height= 4k1.gif  height= 4leafu3.gif  height= 50_button_static.gif  height= 59.gif  height= 5amgirlfriend.gif  height= 5star.gif  height= 64.gif  height= 686-1.gif  height= 68ch11now.jpg  height= 69freeware.gif  height= 70.gif  height= 74.gif  height= 77grandows.png  height= 78.gif  height= 7euro.gif  height= 7nonsense.gif  height= 7OWO0wM.gif  height= 7zip.gif  height= 800x600a.gif  height= 800x600_blue.gif  height= 800x600_red.gif  height= 88-31-banner.gif  height= 8831.gif  height= 8831.png  height= 88bigwave.gif  height= 88by31.png  height= 88cdroms.gif  height= 88cinemax.gif  height= 88countries.gif  height= 88ibet.gif  height= 88moska.gif  height= 88prockat2.gif  height= 88spylog.gif  height= 88summer.gif  height= 88x31 (copy 2).png  height= 88x31 (copy 3).gif  height= 88x31-freegraphicscom-pastel.gif  height= 88x31-micro-button.gif  height= 88x31-your-ad.gif  height= 88x31.gif  height= 88x31cyberslugger.gif  height= 88x31floral.gif  height= 88x31fsc.gif  height= 88x31gold.gif  height= 88x31greenmarble.gif  height= 88x31pinkmarble.gif  height= 88x31tms.gif  height= 88x31visitors.ws.gif  height= 88x31whitemarble.gif  height= 88x31_002.png  height= 88x31_3.gif  height= 88x31_stonks.gif  height= 88zoo.gif  height= 88_31_02.gif  height= 88_31_chatbox.gif  height= 90sgenzkid.gif  height= 91.gif  height= 96.png  height= 97x31_wwwbutton.gif  height= 98.gif  height= 98plusani.gif  height= 98plus_2016.gif  height= 99gifshop.gif  height= 99gifshop.png  height= 9ties.png  height= 9YP8fnM.png  height= a-pwg-holiday.gif  height= a-rok.png  height= A0XNnba.gif  height= a1animate3.gif  height= aaaclipbut1.gif  height= aaextreme.gif  height= aa_ani.gif  height= ab-yr.gif  height= ab.gif  height= ab03.gif  height= abandonedpixelzuniverse.png  height= abcdir-banner6.gif  height= abcgiant.gif  height= abinow.gif  height= aboutg.gif  height= abrbus.gif  height= abs.gif  height= absfree.gif  height= absoft_logo.gif  height= absolutely.gif  height= absolute_ftp.gif  height= AB_big3.gif  height= ac-button-frobert.gif  height= ac3j.gif  height= acab2.gif  height= acapickels.gif  height= acaza.gif  height= acbob.png  height= accelerating.gif  height= accursed-farms-alien-blink.gif  height= acdsee.gif  height= ace-adventure.gif  height= aceattorneyvillains.png  height= aceftp.gif  height= aceplay.gif  height= achbus.gif  height= achriel.png  height= acid.gif  height= acidawards24.gif  height= acidgloss.net.gif  height= acidicdarkness.gif  height= acidlemon.gif  height= acid_prod.gif  height= acmelogo.gif  height= acrobat.gif  height= activator.gif  height= activewin.gif  height= ad044.png  height= addchannel.gif  height= addesigner.gif  height= addit1.gif  height= addme.gif  height= addmecom.gif  height= adecline.gif  height= adeleine.png  height= adobe_getflash2.gif  height= adobe_photo.gif  height= adobe_svg.gif  height= adorotedevote.png  height= adultchat.gif  height= advancedgamingknowledge.png  height= advancedgamingknowledge_2.png  height= ad_002.png  height= ae.gif  height= aegi.gif  height= aegi_button_2.gif  height= af-boton9.gif  height= af-pixel.gif  height= affcrack.gif  height= affection.gif  height= africapt.gif  height= afs.gif  height= afterskool.gif  height= afxbutton1.gif  height= agag.gif  height= agagamem.gif  height= agarr.gif  height= agoraroad.gif  height= agplv3-88x31.gif  height= ahauntedsite.gif  height= ai.png  height= aiboton.gif  height= aikiweb.gif  height= aim-button-thumb.jpg  height= aim.gif  height= aimlink.gif  height= aimthings.gif  height= aip.gif  height= ajknox.gif  height= akane.png  height= ake.png  height= akidinatophat.png  height= akidinatophat_2.png  height= akmmos_ban.gif  height= akselmo.png  height= aky0byte.gif  height= aladdinnow.gif  height= alans-website.png  height= albutton.png  height= aldema2.gif  height= aleash.gif  height= alertra.gif  height= alexisnow.png  height= alfart.gif  height= alice.gif  height= aliceinavocadoland.gif  height= aliceinavocadoland_2.gif  height= aliceinavocadoland_3.gif  height= alien2.gif  height= alienware_button.gif  height= alink02a.gif  height= allfree.gif  height= allfreethings.gif  height= allidraggy.gif  height= alliens.gif  height= allyopps.png  height= alohabook.gif  height= alpha_centauri.gif  height= alt-3.gif  height= altair4.gif  height= altavista.gif  height= altavista2.gif  height= alulabutton.gif  height= amatsuki.gif  height= amazing_free_stuff.gif  height= amazon-88x31.gif  height= amazon.gif  height= amazon2.gif  height= amazon3.gif  height= amazon4.gif  height= amazon5.gif  height= amazonpurple.gif  height= ambernia.gif  height= amd_now.gif  height= amd_powered.gif  height= americasdecline.gif  height= americasdecline.png  height= americasdecline_2.png  height= amiga.gif  height= amiga1200.gif  height= amigademo.gif  height= amigaemu.gif  height= amigamusiccollection_88x31.gif  height= amigaos.gif  height= amigapow.gif  height= amiga_friendly.gif  height= amiga_power.gif  height= amiga_rc5.gif  height= amiibos.png  height= amiya.gif  height= ammy.gif  height= amriel02.gif  height= amriel03.gif  height= amriel04.png  height= amriel1.gif  height= amyot.png  height= amyuoy1.gif  height= an-clan-88.gif  height= ANARCHIST.png  height= anarchy-now.gif  height= anarchy.gif  height= anarchy1.gif  height= andnow.gif  height= andnow.jpg  height= andrews-lab.png  height= andromedanrelay.gif  height= andysart.gif  height= anfactbt.gif  height= angel99button2.gif  height= angelcat3.gif  height= angelfire_002.gif  height= angelicgarden.gif  height= angelkiss.gif  height= angellogo.gif  height= angellovebox.gif  height= angelofwrath.gif  height= angelsroam.png  height= angelz_button.gif  height= angy_ban.gif  height= angy_ban2_7.gif  height= aniback1g.gif  height= anibutton.gif  height= anibuttonscifi.gif  height= anibuy3.gif  height= anigif.gif  height= anigifs.gif  height= anihome112g.gif  height= anilinks.png  height= anilinkwired.gif  height= animag_button.gif  height= animaljam.png  height= animatedbutton.gif  height= animation51.gif  height= animations-backgrounds-clipart.gif  height= animationshop.gif  height= animationstation.gif  height= animbutton1.gif  height= anime100.gif  height= anime100games.gif  height= anime100green.gif  height= anime100red.gif  height= anime50.gif  height= animegay.gif  height= animeland.gif  height= animenation-88x31.gif  height= animexchange.gif  height= animicon.gif  height= animundi.gif  height= anim_id4.gif  height= aninext1g.gif  height= anipitstop.gif  height= ani_face.gif  height= ani_passale.gif  height= anlucasbutton.gif  height= annu.gif  height= anonyme.png  height= anonymize.gif  height= anow.gif  height= anreise.gif  height= anthrax.gif  height= anticodeandrun.gif  height= antifa.gif  height= antifa.png  height= antihentai.gif  height= antikrist.png  height= antikrist2.png  height= antillion.png  height= antinazi.gif  height= antinft_002.gif  height= antique-bandit-interactive.png  height= antisocialism.gif  height= antispicecool.gif  height= anti_button.gif  height= any2.gif  height= anybestviewed.gif  height= anybrow (3).gif  height= anybrow.gif  height= anybrowser.gif  height= anybrowser2 (3).gif  height= anybrowser2.gif  height= anybrowser4.gif  height= anybrowser6.gif  height= anybrowser7.gif  height= anydamn (2).gif  height= anydamn.gif  height= anyie_anim.gif  height= anythingbut.gif  height= any_browser (2).gif  height= any_browser.gif  height= any_browser_at.gif  height= ao.png  height= ao3gif.gif  height= aol.gif  height= aolim.gif  height= aolsux.gif  height= aoltos_a.gif  height= aol_internet_explorer.gif  height= aol_sucks02.gif  height= apache-forrest.gif  height= apache-mod_perl.gif  height= apache-powered.gif  height= apache-thanks.gif  height= apc.gif  height= apcpagegr.gif  height= aponow.gif  height= appelsaus.png  height= apple (copy 1).gif  height= apple.gif  height= appledust.gif  height= applelinks.gif  height= applelinks2.gif  height= applestore.gif  height= apple_computer.gif  height= apple_fatal_error.gif  height= apple_special1.gif  height= apply_logo.gif  height= apply_logo2.gif  height= approved.gif  height= approvedasacpmember.gif  height= approved_508.gif  height= appsirgames.gif  height= aqnow.gif  height= aquamiki.gif  height= aquamiki.jpg  height= arachne.gif  height= arachne2.gif  height= arachno.gif  height= arandomsite.gif  height= arby.png  height= arcadevirus_av3.png  height= arcadevirus_av4.gif  height= arcadiaonline.gif  height= archiesisland.png  height= archined_nu.gif  height= archivers.gif  height= archivorock.gif  height= archlinux.gif  height= arcnet.gif  height= area-51.gif  height= arena.gif  height= arez.png  height= argh.gif  height= arham.png  height= aRHb7wd.png  height= arkmsworld.gif  height= arlita.gif  height= armed.gif  height= armonicnoise.png  height= armorgames.gif  height= aroundthepupil.png  height= arremeer.gif  height= arrowheads.gif  height= Artnouveau88x31-214220.png  height= artofdawn.gif  height= arttoday.gif  height= artwanted.gif  height= artwork-button.gif  height= as.gif  height= asacp.gif  height= asahibotan2.png  height= asanim1_20000408.gif  height= asco_88x31_3.gif  height= asexuals_now.gif  height= ase_logo.gif  height= asswolf88x31c.gif  height= asswolf_banner.gif  height= asswolf_txt.gif  height= asta_small.gif  height= astroslair.gif  height= astrossoundhell.gif  height= asus-clr_19970504.gif  height= asylum2.gif  height= at.png  height= atari.gif  height= atarilogo.gif  height= atari_times.gif  height= atari_webring.gif  height= atemplate88_31.gif  height= ath2404.gif  height= athornathornathorn.png  height= atlas.gif  height= atmosphere_20010506.gif  height= atmturbo.gif  height= atomic-age-network-button.png  height= atomic.gif  height= AtomicAgeNetwork.png  height= atomicans_link.gif  height= atomicdusticon.gif  height= atomicfireball.gif  height= atomicgothic.gif  height= atomicwarriors.gif  height= atomsplitter.png  height= au.png  height= auau.gif  height= audball.gif  height= augustaugust.gif  height= augustaugust_2.gif  height= auron.gif  height= autismacceptnow.jpg  height= auto.gif  height= autocat.gif  height= automatic-llama.png  height= auzzie1.gif  height= avanow1.gif  height= avanow28.gif  height= avast.png  height= avialae.gif  height= aviation1.gif  height= award.gif  height= awesome.gif  height= axbut.gif  height= axcel.gif  height= ayu-mi-x.gif  height= aywrenbutton.gif  height= az01.gif  height= az02.gif  height= az03.gif  height= azamas.gif  height= azrael.jpg  height= azuresylph.gif  height= az_1.gif  height= b-dark.gif  height= b-light.png  height= b-new.png  height= b-pm.gif  height= b1.gif  height= b4j.gif  height= b6.gif  height= babebutton.gif  height= babyballsbutton.gif  height= babylon5.gif  height= babylonfive.gif  height= babymax.png  height= babyvox.gif  height= backweb.gif  height= baddeath.png  height= baicrew.gif  height= ballbbc.gif  height= ballbbc2.gif  height= ballbbc3.gif  height= ballbbc4.gif  height= baloo.gif  height= ban-button.gif  height= ban1.gif  height= ban88x31-2.gif  height= banar7.gif  height= banasq.gif  height= bandeau.gif  height= bandwith_conservation_society.gif  height= bangg.gif  height= bannars.gif  height= banner-88x31-rambler-orange2.gif  height= banner-88x31.gif  height= banner-animenation.gif  height= banner05.gif  height= banner123.gif  height= banner28831.gif  height= banner2a.gif  height= banner5.gif  height= banner8831_10.gif  height= banner88x31.gif  height= bannera1ooo.gif  height= bannerbsfan.gif  height= bannerdelta88x31.gif  height= bannermaker-ru-88x31.gif  height= bannermaker.gif  height= bannermini.gif  height= bannerplz.gif  height= banner_abandonwaredos_88x31.gif  height= banner_mai.gif  height= bannjl1-88x31.gif  height= bann_et.gif  height= banporn.gif  height= banshee.gif  height= bans_mini3.gif  height= ban_i-rayum.gif  height= baphomette.png  height= baraban.gif  height= bastard.gif  height= batavia.png  height= battlegrounds.gif  height= battlemail.gif  height= battyville.gif  height= battyville2.gif  height= bazarpokemon.gif  height= bb.gif  height= bbcbnrsm.gif  height= bbccs.gif  height= bblogo.gif  height= bbn.gif  height= bbst.gif  height= bbs_face.gif  height= bc.gif  height= bcbutton21.gif  height= bcw.gif  height= bd.gif  height= bdnow.gif  height= bdotcad.gif  height= bdtt.gif  height= beabut.gif  height= beanbottles.gif  height= beangrunge.gif  height= beatnik (1).gif  height= beatnikcowboy.gif  height= beatnik_beatnik.gif  height= beatnik_sonified.gif  height= beauty.gif  height= beecage.gif  height= beekeeping_in_ukraine.gif  height= beetletee.png  height= begottenghost.png  height= behavior.jpg  height= behavior.png  height= bela.jpg  height= beloved.png  height= belovedbook.png  height= benis.gif  height= bennettscorner.gif  height= bennizone.gif  height= bennizone_2.gif  height= bens-random-stuff.png  height= benzwarez.gif  height= beolspace.png  height= beos_now_anim.gif  height= ber-88x31-1d-nopt.gif  height= berry.png  height= berrybasket.gif  height= beru.gif  height= best-fr-88x31.gif  height= best.gif  height= best1024.gif  height= best800x600.gif  height= bestbritney.gif  height= bestcanada.gif  height= bestceleb.gif  height= besteyes.gif  height= besteyes3.gif  height= besteyesbeta.gif  height= besteyes_ani.gif  height= bestlandscape.gif  height= bestromsites.gif  height= bestviewed.gif  height= bestviewed16bit.gif  height= bestviewedcomp.gif  height= bestvieweddesktop.gif  height= bestviewedlinks.gif  height= bestviewedopen.gif  height= bestviewedwith.gif  height= bestviewedyour.gif  height= bestvw.gif  height= bestwithmie.gif  height= best_chrome.gif  height= best_free.gif  height= best_viewed_with_monitor.gif  height= best_viewed_with_open_eyes.gif  height= betsybugaboo.png  height= bettie-gifs-3.gif  height= bf42.gif  height= BFF.gif  height= bgs.gif  height= bh.png  height= bia-button3.gif  height= biber.gif  height= bid88x31.gif  height= biden.gif  height= big5.gif  height= BIGAIR_now.jpg  height= biganime.gif  height= bigbrother.gif  height= bigburger.gif  height= bigforum.gif  height= biggulpsupreme.gif  height= biglumby.gif  height= bignet.gif  height= bigounce.png  height= bikobatanari.gif  height= billsworld.gif  height= billys.gif  height= binkybeads.gif  height= bioinformatics.jpg  height= biologicalslicer.jpg  height= birthbound.png  height= birthbound_2.png  height= bisuko.png  height= bitmap.gif  height= bitwarden.gif  height= bizarrebanner.png  height= bizarredollhouse.png  height= biztravel.gif  height= bkoszuta.gif  height= bl.png  height= bl64gut.gif  height= bl64yeen.png  height= blackdresses666.gif  height= blackfactsnow.gif  height= blacklamb.gif  height= blackreach.gif  height= blackstargarden88x31.gif  height= blacksun_icon2.gif  height= blackthorn_enterprises02.gif  height= blackwings.gif  height= blackylagoon.png  height= bladeenc.gif  height= blaisedebeste.png  height= blank.gif  height= blars88.gif  height= bLBJjuU.gif  height= bleak.gif  height= blender_get.gif  height= blends.gif  height= blew.gif  height= blinchik.gif  height= blinchik.png  height= blink.gif  height= blinkie.gif  height= blinkiesCafe-badge.gif  height= bliss3three.gif  height= blissnet.png  height= blitzani.gif  height= blitzbut.gif  height= blizzlogo.gif  height= blobject.gif  height= blogger_88x31.gif  height= blogrank.gif  height= blogrank88x31.gif  height= bloktic.gif  height= bloodfreak.png  height= bloodmoon-knight (1).gif  height= bloodmoon-knight.gif  height= blsigil.png  height= blu746.gif  height= blue-lemon.gif  height= blue-vmu.gif  height= blue.gif  height= bluebomber.gif  height= bluecat_badge.gif  height= bluef00t.gif  height= bluepantsu.gif  height= bmh.png  height= bmhonline_button2.png  height= bn-m2.gif  height= bnetdev.gif  height= bnr_01.gif  height= bns_acidfont.gif  height= bns_another.gif  height= bns_freddie3.gif  height= bns_fscbut.gif  height= bn_park.gif  height= bo.png  height= boa.gif  height= boa2.gif  height= boardswapper.gif  height= bobbles.gif  height= bobbutton.gif  height= bobotics.png  height= boc.gif  height= bogleech.gif  height= bollocks_now_95.gif  height= bomby.gif  height= bonknow.gif  height= bonsbakery.gif  height= boodlebox.png  height= bookjacket2.gif  height= bookmark_this_page_002.gif  height= books.gif  height= boombarmusic.gif  height= boot.gif  height= booter_hosting_button.gif  height= bootleg.gif  height= bootleg64.png  height= bootleg64_spinbutton.gif  height= borealis.gif  height= botao (2).gif  height= botao.gif  height= botao08.gif  height= botaocg.gif  height= bouncybubbles.gif  height= boyband.gif  height= boyband2.gif  height= boygutz.jpg  height= braknow.gif  height= brattiest.gif  height= brave.gif  height= bravenet.gif  height= bravenet2.gif  height= brbutton.gif  height= brothings.gif  height= brow.gif  height= browsemoz.gif  height= browser (2).gif  height= browser.gif  height= browser7.gif  height= brugmansiamanor.png  height= brunebase.gif  height= brynhild.png  height= bs.gif  height= bscnani1.gif  height= bsp.gif  height= bspnow.gif  height= bst88-1.gif  height= bt-gmg.gif  height= bt-gs.gif  height= bt-pcstbee.gif  height= btbtn01.gif  height= btn-silvercruiser.gif  height= btnsmshr.gif  height= btn_shuyin_eye.gif  height= bt_fk1.gif  height= bubblyskulls.png  height= budgie.gif  height= bugcreature.png  height= bugcreature_2.png  height= bughaven.gif  height= bugland.gif  height= bugsite.png  height= buildbook.png  height= 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