88x31 Collection

To make your own collection you need to find other 88x31 collections, you can find some sources below. You need to use Google Chorme, Microsoft Edge or any other browser that supports downloads from the Chrome Web Store. Also you need to download a browser plug-in that will allow you to mass download, I recommend Imageye - Image Downloader. After downloading you also can check for duplicates.

You can also download the repository from this website! (45,7mb ZIP file).

Step 1: find a good 88x31 button source, see below.
Step 2: download Chrome, Edge or any other browser that supports the Chrome Web Store.
Step 3: download plugin a image finder plug-in.
Step 4: let plugin analyse the page.
Step 5: select which images to download.
Step 6: drag the downloaded images to right folder.

Great resources to use:

The 88x31 GIF Collection
Yesterweb 88x31 Buttons
A.N. Lucas 88x31 button collection
NeoNaut 88x31
The Largest 88x31 collection
Exo.pet collection
YooHoo NeoCities button collection
Good old Google ofcourse