88x31 Collection

To use the pictures on your website it's best to download the picture and upload the picture to your server. You can safe the picture by holding it (on mobile device) or clicking with the right button (on PC) and click on "safe as".

To insert into your GIF using HTML code use the command:

<img src="giffilename" alt="description" height="31" width="88">

If you wish to use our server use the command:

<img src="http://www.88x31.nl/gifs/giffilename" alt="description" height="31" width="88">

If you want to make the image clickable add in from of the img-tag:

<a href=http://exampledomain.com><img src= here></a>

It is not recommended to use our server because if/when our server goes down the picture is lost and it this will slow your website down.

It also possible to generate your own 88x31 buttons. A good example is sadgrl.online button generator. You can also use Hekate2 button generator on GitHub. You also can you Google to find other generators.