88x31 Collection

After you downloaded your own collection it's useful to check your collection for duplicates. This will be done on Windows the the software DupDetector. You can download it by clicking the previous link.

You can also download DupDetector (Windows only) from here (1,01mb ZIP file).

Step 1: download the DupDetector software.
Step 2: click on "Get Data" and "Build". Select the right folder where your downloaded pictures are.
Step 3: go to "Find dups" and set it to 100% and 100% for the best results.
Step 3: click on "Find dups" next to the percentages.
Step 4: let it find the duplicates, the highest amount is 1000 pictures so it may take a few tries.
Step 5: press to remove duplice, for high speed hold the enter key.